• I enjoyed my coaching encounter with May. She is an authentic, energetic and inspiring coach.

    May listened well as I grappled with the challenge of a difficult career decision after having two children, and we worked through a magical and transformative journey together.

    - Louise, International BD Director at a leading global bank, London
  • May is a warm, gentle coach. She provides a safe space which enabled me to feel safe, accompanied and supported. As her client, I have gained knowledge of myself. My dark side is like my little sister, who comes to the door from time to time. I am very grateful. The feeling is so amazing!

    - Jessie, Project Manager of a well-known financial investment company, Hong Kong

  • I’m lucky to have May as my coach; she’s friendly and always willing to help. She’s full of empathy and very good at staying present with me and understanding what I’ve said and not said. Her encouragement and constant motivation pushed me to heights I never thought possible.

    Take a recent example. When I was coached by May, she used a magic tool called OH cards in our coaching session in conjunction with her powerful questioning and other coaching techniques. The session was so creative, insightful and inspirational with many imaginative ideas, metaphors and visualizations. I deeply felt the cards. The questions were closely linked with myself and my heart, and they enabled me to view it from a new perspective.

    May herself is a successful leader and a professional in her career. Moreover, she has gone through significant life changes and enjoyed rich life experiences internationally, which formed a solid foundation for her in partnering with clients and demonstrating various coaching skills to help others achieve their goals.

    I am grateful for May’s commitment, for her willingness to help me grow and for inspiring me to be excellent in everything I do.

    - Peggy, Shanghai HR Executive at HSBC, Shanghai
  • I am lucky to have met May and to have had her support as a coach when my career and life were transformed last year. During the coaching process, she helped me to focus on what I really want; to explore my behaviour; and to identify the thinking patterns, values and beliefs underlying my behaviours. This enabled me to find new insight and energy for taking action. During the coaching sessions, I completely felt that she actively listened, carefully observed, was insightful and directly communicated through powerful questions. I appreciate May’s coaching and help.

    The best gift I have given myself is hiring May, who supported me in learning about myself and maintaining my self-development. I recommend that team leaders and independent contributors who have needs similar to mine prepare this valuable gift for themselves.

    - Ivy, Previous HRD in I.C., Taiwan
  • The first conversation I had with May was about an emotional topic which had bothered me very much.

    I felt that something was stuck on my chest, and I could not feel comfortable. May encouraged me to use my 5 senses, such as listening and vision. I most like the visualizations; for instance, when I visualise placing my dark emotions on the ground, I start to perceive the world with my heart, rather than with logical thinking. It is an amazing experience. After many years training, I was used to thinking with my brain for many things, but I felt that problems weren’t really resolved, even when I found solutions. It seems like there is a distance between the solution at hand and a perfect result. It is like a distance between which lacks a direct connection.

    I still remember when May told me to visualise putting my feelings on the ground, who I am and what I look like. I feel that I’m closer to the real me – I now have a crystal-clear vision of myself, and know better what it is that I really want. The final focus step enables me to set a goal and to make it happen.

    - Stella, HRBP, Alibaba Group,Shanghai
  • May is a warm and powerful coach. She has always provoked my thinking about myself. I remembered that she used a card tool for the warm-up session, which enabled me to visualise an underlying belief. This activity enabled me to release my stress. She is a stable, reliable coach, and I believe she is capable of helping you.

    - Cherry, Independent Entrepreneur, Hefei
  • I was lucky to have May as my coach when I faced difficulty choosing a right direction for my career. She is warm and powerful, and she helped me emerge from confusion and find my career purpose. She empowered me and enabled me to look forward with a steadfast plan.

    - Yolky LI, 2021 graduate from Shanghai University, Shanghai
  • I appreciated May’s coaching! She offered valuable and fruitful conversations, which evoked many new insights and a sense of awareness for me. May is good at building an intimate relationship from the beginning, and she provided various perspectives for exploring my confusion and leading me to the core of the issue step by step. I feel that she is caring, and I acquired insights from her perspective and became more determined to achieve my goal.

    - Jacky, education trainer of a training group, Jinan
  • Throughout my conversation with May, I felt her warm support. Her questions assisted me in seeing different perspectives, which provided me with new insights and new opportunities.

    - Alice, founder of an eco-development education organization, Taiwan
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